EPRC-10 Solar Charge Controller (PWM 10A-12V-24V-Auto Work-Light

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Specification of EPRC-10 Solar Charge Controller (PWM 10A-12V-24V-Auto Work-Light

(Solar Panel / Solar Charge Controller / PWM / AUTO: LIGHT & TIMER)

EPRC-10 (PWM-Solar Charger Controller, 10A, 12 / 24V Auto Work, Light & Timer Control)

Solar Panel will work optimally if all the electrical energy generated can be arranged and managed well, then it takes an electronic device that can manage and control the distribution of voltage and current both to the storage battery and its load.

The EPRC-10 is the most cost-effective solution for Lighting Streetlight Systems using the Solar Panel and is designed to be used only with AGM / SLA type batteries.

Inside the Solar Charge Controller there is a programmable "TIMER" circuit, which you can automatically turn on the lights at night for some time as you wish.

The working voltage system (12V / 24V) will be selected automatically based on the voltage measurement on the battery connected to the Solar Charge Controller. The voltage connected to this SCC should be the same as the installed battery voltage (so do not try using a Solar Panel with 24V voltage to charge 12V batteries).


- EPRC-EC Series is an economical and reliable Solar Charge Controller.

- Intelligent System Optimum Control

- Work LOAD mode: From Dusk to Dawn, ON + Timer, TEST, ON / OFF Lights

- Selection of 12V / 24V voltage that works automatically.

- Has high efficiency in the process of filling the baterry with temperature compensation.

- Using MOSFET as its electronic switch (no mechanical switch).

- Detects day and night using PV Arrays.

- Has a Battery status indicator and Battery status.

- Electronic Protection: Over-charging, Over-discharging, Overload and Short-Circuit.


- It is ideal for OFF-GRID PV System and Timer Control

- Public Street Lighting System

- Lighting Garden Lighting System

- Board System Billboard Solar Power

- System detection equipment at night, etc

ELECTRONIC PROTECTION CONTROLLER (all protection with automatic recovery):

• Short-circuit in the solar circuit and the load,

• Overload in the solar battery and load circuits,

• by reverse polarity connection to the solar circuit and the load,

• reverse current at night,

• off at high voltage,

• off at low voltage.

ELECTRICAL Parameters:

- Charging Algorithm: PWM (stage-4)

- Maximum Current of Solar Panels: 10A

- Maximum Load Current: 10A

- Load Switch: there (button and timer)

- The System Voltage (V): 12 / 24V (automatic)

- Nominal battery current: 10A

- Charge circuit voltage drop: ≤ 0.26V

- Discharge circuit voltage drop: ≤ 0.15V

- Self consumption: ≤ 6mA

- Equalize charging voltage: 14.6V; x2 / 24V

- Boost charging voltage: 14.4V; x2 / 24V

- Float charging voltage: 13.6V; x2 / 24V

- Low voltage reconnect charging: 12.6V; x2 / 24V

- Under voltage warning voltage: 12.0V; x2 / 24V

- Low voltage disconnect voltage: 11.1V; x2 / 24V

- Equalize duration: 60 MINS

- Boost duration: 60 MINS

- Working temperature: -35 ℃ to + 55 ℃

- Humidity (non-condensing): 10 - 90%

- Enclosure: IP30

- Terminal: 2.5mm2

- Dimension: 140 x 89 x 27mm

- Net weight: 0.25kg

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