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Selling UPS at Low Prices

UPS or Uninteruptible Power Supply is a device that functions as a power backup when the electricity dies due to temporary blackouts or sudden voltage ups and downs. The function of the UPS is to provide backup power supply for several minutes. Enough to give a short time that can be used to shut down the computer normally so that hardware damage can be overcome and important data can be saved. UPS is categorized into 2 types namely offline, and online UPS. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We, PT Indodaya Cipta Lestari sell various types and types of UPS, including CS / CE / CN Series (Compact Smart), SE Series (Stream Line), ST Series (Stream Line), CT Series (Compact), PN Series (Pionner) , TP Series (Tower), RN Series (Rackmount). The products we sell have good quality and affordable prices.

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