MPPT Controller-Tracer 3210A (30A-12V-24V-Auto Work-100V DC Max.)
MPPT Controller-Tracer 3210A (30A-12V-24V-Auto Work-100V DC Max.)
MPPT Controller-Tracer 3210A (30A-12V-24V-Auto Work-100V DC Max.)
MPPT Controller-Tracer 3210A (30A-12V-24V-Auto Work-100V DC Max.)
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14 Oct 2020
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Specification of MPPT Controller-Tracer 3210A (30A-12V-24V-Auto Work-100V DC Max.)

(Panel Tenaga Surya / Solar Panel / Solar CELL / MPPT-Solar Charge Controller)

TRACER-3210A (MPPT Controller, 30A, 12V/24V Auto Work, Display, Max. DC : 100V)


TRACER 3210A series MPPT solar charge controller based on common positive design and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with LCD displaying running status, this product is artisc, economical and practical.

With MPPT control algorithm, in any situation, products of this series can fast and accurately track out the best Maximum Power Point (MPP) of photovoltaic array, in order to obtain the maximum solar energy in time, which remarkably improves energy efficiency. There is dual display function: local LCD panel and remote meter, with Modbus communication protocol interface, it is convenient for customers to expand applications and monitor in various fields like telecommunication base station, household system, street lighting system, wilderness monitoring system, etc.

All-round electronic fault self-test function and enhanced electronic protection function could furthest avoid damages on system components resulting from installation errors or system failures.

TRACER 3210A Specification :

Norminal System Voltage = 12V/24VDC Auto work

Rated Charge Current & Discharge Current = 30A

Maximum Battery Voltage = 32V

Max. Solar Input Voltage = 100V

Battery Terminal Voltage = 9V-32V

Max. PV Input Power = 390W (12V) , 780W (24V)

Equalize Charging Voltage = Gel 14.2V, Sealed 14.6V, Flooded 14.8V

Boost Charging Voltage = Gel 14.2V, Sealed 14.6V, Flooded 14.8V

Float Charging Voltage = Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 13.8V

Low Voltage Reconnect Voltage = Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 12.6V

Low Voltage Disconnect Voltage = Gel/Sealed/Flooded : 11.1V

Self-consumption = 20mA/12V; 16mA/24V

Temperature Compensation Coefficient = -3mV/oC/25V ( 25oC)

Working Temperature = -25*C - +45*C

Enclosure = IP30

Overall Dimension = 228x164x55mm

Power Cable = 10mm2

Net Weight = 1.2kg


***) Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai detail produk, ketersediaan barang & diskon yang berlaku silahkan menghubungi kami di : 0812-90252315, 0811-9178989, 0812-97974650

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :




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